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     1== GRAM Rack Resources Usage and Policy Documentation ==
     3For experimenters, the GRAM Rack consists of
     4 * 3 Dell !PowerEdge R620 server hosts. Of these, we have configured
     5  * 1 as the !OpenStack control node (
     6  * 2 as !OpenStack compute nodes both act as VM servers (,
     7 * 1 Dell Force10 S4810P !OpenFlow switch. [ Manuals][[BR]]
     10GRAM racks currently only support VM servers.  Bare metal and Windows Virtual Machines are currently not supported on a GRAM rack.
     12== How To Configure a GRAM Rack Aggregate Manager To Trust GENI Slice Authorities ==
     13Trusted certs are placed on the control node in the directory, /etc/gram/certs/trusted_roots.
     14GENI Portal Configuration is not part of the standard GRAM rack installation.
     16== Automatic Approval for Rack Resource Requests ==
     18GRAM racks are a GENI resource.   GENI is available for use by researchers from academic institutions, industry and government.
     20To become part of the GENI community, check out the following links:[[BR]]
     21 *
     22 *
     24After signing up, standard GEN tools like omni will enable an experimenter to get access to GRAM rack resources and other GENI rack resources.
     26== Policy on Local Users within the Rack ==
     27There is 1 local user, gram,  on the rack that can be trusted that gains access through a local clearing house on the rack.   There will be one standard gram account on all racks.  Experimenters must use the GENI Clearinghouse to access GRAM rack resources.