GRAM Rack Resources Usage and Policy Documentation

For experimenters, the GRAM Rack consists of

  • 3 Dell PowerEdge R620 server hosts. Of these, we have configured
    • 1 as the OpenStack control node (
    • 2 as OpenStack compute nodes both act as VM servers (,
  • 1 Dell Force10 S4810P OpenFlow switch. Manuals

GRAM racks currently only support VM servers. Bare metal and Windows Virtual Machines are currently not supported on a GRAM rack.

How To Configure a GRAM Rack Aggregate Manager To Trust GENI Slice Authorities

Trusted certs are placed on the control node in the directory, /etc/gram/certs/trusted_roots. GENI Portal Configuration is not part of the standard GRAM rack installation.

Automatic Approval for Rack Resource Requests

GRAM racks are a GENI resource. GENI is available for use by researchers from academic institutions, industry and government.

To become part of the GENI community, check out the following links:

After signing up, standard GEN tools like omni will enable an experimenter to get access to GRAM rack resources and other GENI rack resources.

Policy on Local Users within the Rack

There is 1 local user, gram, on the rack that can be trusted that gains access through a local clearing house on the rack. There will be one standard gram account on all racks. Experimenters must use the GENI Clearinghouse to access GRAM rack resources.

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