This Page Will Currently Describe Various Raspberry PI Kits to Buy and Programs that Teach Coding on the PI

The Raspberry Pi 3 has all the functionality necessary to introduce students with non-stem interests to programming.

From an educator's point of view, the easiest approach would be to use PiNet with the Kano OS distribution. PiNet would make administration easier, and the wealth of applications with the Kano OS distribution would allow students to explore. There are applications that introduce how to program if one is interested in music, in art, in gaming, and if so inclined to even explore the Linux Operating System in more depth. There is no limit to "real programming" for the PI.

In terms of sophistication, the next level could move into the kits with physical programming projects. And in terms of software, the Raspberry PI can be used for a nodejs school platform. And with enough PIs, anything in the distributed system world could be explored, for example networking. There are other OSes out there that support virtualization technologies like docker for the Raspberry PI.

Prepackaged Kits

Kano Kit about $150 without the screen

Cana Kits [] starting from $75-$90

Vilros Kits

Sunfounder Kits

Learning and Teaching Resources

Physical Computing with Raspberry PIs

Previous Research on Things to Build on the Raspberry PI

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