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Connection between OpenFlow switches should ideally appear like layer 1 connections to the experimenters. This can be accomplished in various ways including using dedicated fiber, existing pseudo-wire technologies, OF switches to pass traffic, or applying special configurations to traditional layer 2 VLANs such as disabling mac learning and STP.

  • Does your site require any additional hardware or support in preparing your network environment for hosting a GENI rack?
  • Do you need an additional transceiver to connect the 10Gb uplink connection from the rack to your network?


Important: If the following information is not or cannot be provided prior to the rack being sent to your site, you will receive the hardware with only a bare OS installed on all servers and the switch un-configured. In order to have your rack delivered as a ready to be deployed product, you MUST provide the following:

OS Installation


  • What is a unique name for your location? (Example: USC-Spartburg; USC-Columbia)
  • How do we check conflicts?
  • Use this information to generate a unique identifier for GENI.
    • Ie: <company>-<location>-<function>-<number>
    • Clemson-main-ctrl-1, Clemson-main-comp-1,etc
  • Generated by integrator based on customer. Information given to customer after they purchase the unit.
  • Tracked by integrator so if 2nd order is placed we know which number to start off on.

GRAM software

Range and subnet of public IP addresses for virtual machines:

  • Define a range of contiguous IP addresses to be assigned to the Virtual Machines.
  • Start_ip to end_ip must be a contiguous block of ip addresses not in use. There must be at least one, e.g.. -

VLAN information for external plane:

  • Provide the external plane VLAN number for your site.
    • Needed for switch configuration

External network configuration on control nodes and compute nodes

Assign the following for the control node attached to the system. (DHCP is not recommended as a change in IP address can disrupt the software utilized by GENI)

  • Static IP address:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS Server:

Will the following ports be allowed through your campus/network firewall, to the entire rack subnet:

  • 22 - ssh
  • 25 - smtp (outbound connections only, from control node)
  • 80 - http (must also allow outbound connections from control node)
  • 443 - https (must also allow outbound connections from control node)
  • 843 - Flash Policy Server
  • 5001 - GRAM
  • 5002 - GRAM
  • 30000-65535 - Ports used by software.
  • GRE - Not a port, but an IP protocol, required for constructing tunnels between racks.
  • ICMP - ping

iDRAC network configuration Static IP address Subnet Gateway

DNS server

Force10 switch network configuration Assign the following:

  • Static IP address
  • Subnet
  • Gateway

PT7048 switch network configuration Assign the following:

  • Static IP address
  • Subnet
  • Gateway