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All traffic to the VMs are routed through the control node, even traffic directed to externally routable IP addresses. If the control node is taken offline for upgrade, or disconnected from the network, users will be unable to access their resources on the AM.

GRAM Upgrade/Install

Gram is installed and updated using Debian packages. If you have access to the git repository you can create these packages using the '' script in 'gram/pkg'. This script has a '-h' option which can be used to get a description of the available options. Refer to Software Release? for instructions on building a GRAM release.

To create a package for a new installation:

cd gram/pkg --version=<version number> --output_directory=<path to destination> --gram_root=<full path to folder containing git repo> --gcf_root=<full path to your local gcf installation> 

This will create two packages, one for the control node and on for the compute node(s).

To create an update package:

cd gram/pkg --is_update=True --version=<version number> --output_directory=<full path to destination> --gram_root=<full path to folder containing git repo> --gcf_root=<full path to your local gcf installation> 

To install the new package or update existing gram package:

sudo gdebi <package_name.deb>

Operation System Upgrade

GRAM is currently tested on Ubuntu 12.04, upgrading to a newer version is not tested and not advised at this time

Package Upgrades

Most packages can be upgraded, as needed, using apt-get

Note: OpenStack components (quantum, nova, glance, rabbit, keystone) should not be upgraded as the newer version of OpenStack (Havana) is very different in some aspects and may not be compatible with GRAM at this time.

Security Updates

Security packages can be upgraded at will. If there a reboot of the machines will be required, the users should be notified.

Changing rack IP Addresses

IP addresses on the Control, Management and Data planes should be on local networks and there should be no need to change these addresses. To change the external (public) IP addresses, edit the following files to reflect the change:

  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc/network/interfaces
  • ~/.gcf/omni_config
  • ~/.gcf/gcf_config

Then restart the GRAM services.

Alerting Users

Upgrading GRAM is a very quick procedure and should require only some minutes of downtime. Users should be notified using the appropriate mailing lists that the AM will not be available at the designated time.