OpenGENI Checklist

This page outlines all considerations and requirements to be defined and or met to deploy a new OpenGENI Site.


Connection between OpenFlow switches should ideally appear like layer 1 connections to the experimenters. This can be accomplished in various ways including using dedicated fiber, existing pseudo-wire technologies, OF switches to pass traffic, or applying special configurations to traditional layer 2 VLANs such as disabling mac learning and STP.

  • Does your site require any additional hardware or support in preparing your network environment for hosting a GENI rack?
  • Do you need an additional transceiver to connect the 10Gb uplink connection from the rack to your network?


Important: If the following information is not or cannot be provided prior to the rack being sent to your site, you will receive the hardware with only a bare OS installed on all servers and the switch un-configured. In order to have your rack delivered as a ready to be deployed product, you MUST provide the following:

OS Installation


  • What is a unique name for your location? (Example: USC-Spartburg; USC-Columbia)
  • How do we check conflicts?
  • Use this information to generate a unique identifier for GENI.
    • Ie: <company>-<location>-<function>-<number>
    • Clemson-main-ctrl-1, Clemson-main-comp-1,etc
  • Generated by integrator based on customer. Information given to customer after they purchase the unit.
  • Tracked by integrator so if 2nd order is placed we know which number to start off on.

DNS server

GRAM software

Range and subnet of public IP addresses for virtual machines:

  • Define a range of contiguous IP addresses to be assigned to the Virtual Machines.
  • Start_ip to end_ip must be a contiguous block of ip addresses not in use. There must be at least one, e.g.. -

VLAN information for external plane:

  • Provide the external plane VLAN number for your site.
    • Needed for switch configuration

External network configuration on control nodes and compute nodes

Assign the following for the control node attached to the system. (DHCP is not recommended as a change in IP address can disrupt the software utilized by GENI)

  • Static IP address:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS Server:

Will the following ports be allowed through your campus/network firewall, to the entire rack subnet:

  • 22 - SSH
  • 25 - SMTP (outbound connections only, from control node)
  • 80 - HTTP (must also allow outbound connections from control node)
  • 443 - HTTPS (must also allow outbound connections from control node)
  • 843 - Flash Policy Server
  • 3000-3300 - SSH access for experimenter resources
  • 5001 - GRAM AM API V3
  • 5002 - GRAM AM API V2
  • 9000 - VMOC Controller
  • 30000-65535 - General application traffic such as connections to OpenFlow controllers.
  • ICMP - ping

iDRAC network configuration Static IP address

  • Subnet
  • Gateway

Force10 switch network configuration

Assign the following:

  • Static IP address
  • Subnet
  • Gateway

PT7048 switch network configuration

Assign the following:

  • Static IP address
  • Subnet
  • Gateway
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