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Clemson OpenGENI Rack Installation and Configuration

Parts List

  • 3 Dell PowerEdge R620
  • 1 Dell PowerConnect 7048 switch
  • 1 Dell Force10 S4810P OpenFlow switch
  • 3 SFP cables
  • 9 Ethernet cables
  • 3 SFP-ethernet converters
  • 1 Serial cable
  • 230V UPS (Optional)
  • Rack Size - Width: 23.8" (605mm), Depth: 42.1" (1070mm), Weight: 298 lbs (135 kg)

Power Requirements

As for power, the racks will come with a 5600W, 230V UPS to power all the components. The power supply has the following technical specs:

  • Power Rating: 5600 Watts
  • Runtimes: 5.5 mins @ full load, 17 mins @ ½ load
  • Input Voltages: 220, 230, 240 VAC
  • Output Voltages: 220, 230, 240 VAC
  • Input Connection: Hardwired
  • Output Receptacles: IEC-60320 C13(X6), IEC-60320 C19(X4)
  • Physical Specs (w x h x d – wt): 17.2” x 6.75” x 31.1” – 158lbs
  • Heat Dissipation in Normal Mode BTU/hr: 956

Hardware Configuration

Clemson is a rack consisting of the following hardware components:

  • 3 Dell PowerEdge R620 server hosts. Of these, we have configured
    • 1 as the OpenStack control node (clemson-control)
    • 2 as OpenStack compute nodes both act as VM servers (clemson-compute-1, clemson-compute-2).
  • 1 Dell PowerConnect 7048 Switch for access to the external internet Manual
  • 1 Dell Force10 S4810P OpenFlow switch. Manuals

There are no bare metal servers on this rack.

Network Configuration

We have established the following addresses for the different servers, and connected them to the following ports on the Force10 switch and PowerConnect 7048 switch:

HostControl Plane AddressPowerConnect Port (Control Plane)External AddressPowerConnect Port (External Plane)Management AddressPowerConnect Port (Management Plane)Data Plane AddressForce10 Port (Data Plane)

The management plane on the VMs use a 192.168.x.x address, which is a Quantum (OpenStack) network that is running within the management plane and physical network interface above. This network is used for port-forwarding of ssh traffic to/from the VMs. All VMs created will have an address in this network in addition to any interfaces requested.

The external gateway from the rack is at

We use the follow VLAN configuration to define the various networks:

Networkswitchports VLANs
management management 1, 2, 3 2500
control management 13, 14, 15, 37, 38, 39, 41 200
external management 25,26,27, 48 300
data (local) OpenFlow 0, 1, 2 1000-2000
data (stitched) OpenFlow 0, 1, 2, 3 3000-3009

We have established the following control plane addresses for the different servers, the Force10 switch and connected them to the following ports on the PowerConnect 7048 switch:

HostExternal AddressPowerConnect Port (External Plane)
Force10 OpenFlow Switch10.10.8.20041
PowerConnect 7048 Switch10.10.8.201-

Software Configuration

Clemson has a standard GRAM configuration, with one control host (clemson-control) and two compute nodes (clemson-compute-1, clemson-compute-2). The configuration file (/etc/gram/config.json) represent this configuration with the external and control plane addresses and VLAN ranges as described above.

The Clemson GRAM Rack is currently configured with the following versions of software:

Software Component Version
Ubuntu OS 12.04
Python 2.7.3
MySQL 14.14
Quantum 2.0
Nova 2013.1.3
Glance 2013.1.3
Keystone 2013.1.3
openVSwitch 1.4.0
Pox 0.1.0
gcf 2.4.1