OG-ADM-6: Control Network Disconnection Test

This page captures status for the test case OG-ADM-6. For additional information see the Acceptance Test Status - May 2013 page overall status, or the OpenGENI Acceptance Test Plan for details about the planned evaluation.

Last Update: 2013/05/20"

Step State Notes Tickets
Step 1 There is no GMOC Monitoring #49
Step 2 There is no GMOC Monitoring, #49

State Legend Description
Pass Test completed and met all criteria
Pass: most criteria Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Fail Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Complete Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Blocked Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
In Progress Currently under test.
Not Planned This area is not part of initial evaluation

Test Plan Steps

Evaluation Note: There is no GMOC monitoring or reporting, not able to run expected check, therefore cannot run this test case. Ticket #49.

Step 1. Simulate outage blocking access

  • Simulate an outage of ???? by inserting a firewall rule on the BBN router blocking the rack from reaching it. Verify that an administrator can still access the rack, that rack monitoring to GMOC continues through the outage, and that some experimenter operations still succeed.

Step 2. Simulate Control node outage

  • Simulate an outage of each of the rack server host and control plane switch by disabling their respective interfaces on the BBN's control network switch. Verify that GPO, OpenGENI, and GMOC monitoring all see the outage.
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