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GRAM GENIRacksHome/GRAMRacks/Acceptance Test Status - December 2013

This page captures test status as the GRAM Acceptance Test Plan? is executed.

The following matrix captures the state for each of the acceptance tests cases, just select test case name for detailed test information.

Test Case State Date Completed Tickets Notes
GR-ADM-1? Complete 2013-12-13 49 No GMOC Monitoring only local monitoring
GR-ADM-2? Pass: most criteria2013-12-13 95 65 Admin account instructions incomplete;Remote access not fully validated
GR-MON-1? Pass: most criteria2013-12-13 66 No external repository
GR-MON-2? Pass 2013-12-13
GR-MON-3? Pass 2013-12-13
GR-EXP-1? Fail 2013-12-13 51 70 All steps completed;No Bare Metal, No MS Windows
GR-EXP-2? Pass 2013-12-16
GR-EXP-3? Pass: most criteria2013-12-16 Only 2 limits scenario verified
GR-EXP-4? Blocked 100 There is no connectivity between racks
GR-EXP-5? Blocked 100 There is no connectivity between racks
GR-EXP-6? Blocked 100 There is no connectivity between racks
GR-EXP-7? Blocked 100 There is no connectivity between racks
GR-ADM-3? Postponed to Jan 2014
GR-ADM-4? Postponed to Jan 2014
GR-ADM-5? Complete 99 No GRAM package update; First install GRAM package not tested
GR-ADM-6? Postponed to Jan 2014
GR-ADM-7? In Progress 74 75 77 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86Significant improvement, but there are still some fails
GR-MON-4? Blocked 49 No GMOC Monitoring
GR-MON-5? Blocked 49 No GMOC Monitoring


State Legend Description
Pass Test completed and met all criteria
Pass: most criteria Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Fail Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Complete Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Blocked Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
In Progress Currently under test.
Not Planned This area is not part of initial evaluation