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OpenGENI Acceptance Test Status - April 2014

This page captures test status as the OpenGENI Acceptance Test Plan is executed. The following matrix captures the state for each of the acceptance tests cases, just select test case name for detailed test information.

Test Case StateDate Tickets Notes
OG-ADM-1 Complete 49 113 No monitoring, Clemson site info incorrect
OG-ADM-2 Pass: most criteria 95 65 Waiting on Admin acct, Remote Console and iDRAC web access?
OG-MON-1 Pass: most criteria 66 115 GIT internal, No version code_tag
OG-MON-2 Pass
OG-MON-3 Pass
OG-EXP-1 Fail 51 70 No Bare Metal, No MS Windows
OG-EXP-2 Pass: most criteria 104 105 106 Sliverstatus inaccurate; Sliver fails but created; Unexplained pkt loss.
OG-EXP-3 Pass: most criteria 116 24 failures in 20 slice scenario
OG-EXP-4 Pass: most criteria 107 110 No Bandwidth shaping.
OG-EXP-5 121 Need OpenFlow Campus Resource Connected
OG-EXP-6 Blocked 114, 123 POX OpenFlow handshake failure; Dell Switch requires ETH_TYPE is wildcarded, ExoGENI not planned due to EG bug.
OG-EXP-7 Not Planned
OG-ADM-3 Pass 117 120 Procedure updates, healthcheck for multiple admin
OG-ADM-4 Not Planned Requires GMOC interaction and monitoring
OG-ADM-5 Pass 99 OpenGENI Software packaging
OG-ADM-6 Blocked 49 No Data Collection or monitoring
OG-ADM-7 Complete 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87Most documents exist
OG-MON-4 Blocked 49 No Data Collection or monitoring
OG-MON-5 Blocked 49 No Data Collection or monitoring


State Legend Description
Pass Test completed and met all criteria
Pass: most criteria Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Fail Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Complete Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Blocked Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
In Progress Currently under test.
Not Planned This area is not part of initial evaluation