InstaGENI Xen Virtualization Test Status

This page captures test status as the InstaGENI Xen Virtualization Test Plan is executed. The following matrix captures the state for each of the tests cases. For details about each test case, select the test name:

Test Description State Date Completed Tickets Notes
IG-XN-1 Supported Operating Systems Color(green,Pass)? 2013-08-09 instaticket:116 Ubuntu 11 & Fedora 15 EOL; Xen default image is not same as Ad RSpec
IG-XN-2 Custom Xen Image Support Color(orange,Blocked)? instaticket:117 Unable to create custom FreeBSD82 image
IG-XN-3 Xen Guests Limits Color(orange,Blocked)? instaticket:119 20 slivers with 2 Xen VMs fails
IG-XN-4 Negative and Boundary Color(orange,Blocked)? instaticket:118 No check for lower limit guest memory. Moved exceeding limits test to IG-XN-3
IG-XN-5 Xen Single Rack Resources Color(orange,Blocked)? instaticket:123 request mismatch allocated resources
IG-XN-6 IG Utah Xen to IG GPO Xen with 1 stitched VLAN Color(green,Pass)? 2013-08-12
IG-XN-7 IG Utah Xen to IG GPO Xen with 2 stitched links Color(green,Pass)? 2013-08-26 instaticket:126 Most requests result in failure when 2 VLAN requested at PG Utah
IG-XN-8 IG Utah Xen to ExoGENI GPO VM with 1 stitched VLANColor(green,Pass)? 2013-08-14
IG-XN-9 IG GPO Xen to IG Utah VM static layer2 VLAN Color(green,Pass)? 2013-08-21 Modified from original plan to use multiple sites
IG-XN-10IG GPO Xen to ExoGENI GPO VM via OpenFlow Color(green,Pass)? 2013-08-13
IG-XN-11IG Utah Xen to IG GPO Xen with GRE link Color(green,Pass)? 2013-08-13 instaticket:122 Xen must use link_type "egre-tunnel"
IG-XN-12Xen Resource Monitoring Color(orange,Blocked)? instaticket:121 No monitoring stats for Xen servers
IG-XN-13Xen Administrative Tests Color(orange,Blocked)? instaticket:120 No Xen shared node setup instructions


State Legend Description
Color(green,Pass)? Test completed and met all criteria
Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Color(red,Fail)? Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Color(yellow,Complete)? Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Color(orange,Blocked)? Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
Color(#63B8FF,In Progress)? Currently under test.
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