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     1= SiteName Operational Connectivity  =
     3This page captures information for InstaGENI sites that is intended for Operators. The goal is to capture site contacts,  connectivity, and VLANs.
     5== 1. Contacts ==
     7Site contact information for InstaGENI SiteName.
     8   Contact Name: insert_name_here
     9   Contact Email: insert_email_addr_here
     11== 2. Data Plane ==
     13This section captures Data plane information for SiteName detailing site topology, VLAN, Network Providers (I2/NLR/Regional) and network address information. Additional site which is not specified, but deemed important, can also be captured here.
     15=== Data plane connectivity ===
     17Provide a diagram that captures device, ports and VLAN information at ingress and outgress for transport network. For non-OF connections provide device names and ports connected to transport network (NRL/I2/Regional) and VLAN used  for those ports. Diagram should capture campus connections.
     19=== Layer 2 === 
     21Provide layer 2 information for Circuits VLANs, plus network connection end-points, and purpose of VLAN.
     23=== Layer 3 ===
     24If applicable, provide layer 3 information such as: ??? or ???. If not applicable, replace with "none".
     26=== Experimental VLANs ===
     27Provide a table of Experimental VLAN  detailing VLAN numbers, the endpoints, its purposes and whether VLAN is OF or non-OF.
     29=== VLAN Translation Table ===
     30If applicable, provide any VLAN translation details for site.
     32=== Non-VLAN Connections ===
     33If applicable provide details for non VLAN connections. If not applicable, replace with "none".
     35=== Campus Connections ===
     36Document what network campus connection are in place for this rack.
     38== Public Internet ==
     39If applicable, provide details for public internet connectivity.
     41== 4. Control Plane ==
     42Provide a diagram that captures device, port, and Control plane documentation for the following types of information:
     44=== Experiment resource control subnets ===
     45Provide a list of subnets used in the rack and their intended use.
     47=== Firewall/IP tables ===
     48If firewall exist, insert  who is responsible
     50== 5. Experiment Resources ==
     51Links to resource and network aggregates available for experimenters:
     52  -
     53  -