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Rutgers University Operational Data

This page captures information for InstaGENI sites that is intended for Operators. The goal is to capture site contacts, connectivity, and VLANs.


Site contact information for InstaGENI Rutgers.

Contact Name: WINLAB admins Contact Email:

Data Plane

This section captures data plane information for Rutgers University detailing site topology, VLANs, network providers and network address information.

Data plane connectivity diagram

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Layer 2 information

This section provides layer 2 information for circuits VLAN alocations, and network connection end-points.

*In the VLAN column, a single ID indicates that the port is an access port. A T followed by one or more IDs indicates that the port is a trunk (aka tagged) port with those VLAN IDs.

Rack Data Plane 5406

PortConnects ToVLAN Config*
A1 pc1[eth1]
A2 pc1[eth2]
A3 pc1[eth3]
A4 pc2[eth1]
A5 pc2[eth2]
A6 pc2[eth3]
A7 pc3[eth1]
A8 pc3[eth2]
A9 pc3[eth3]
A10 pc4[eth1]
A11 pc4[eth2]
A12 pc4[eth3]
A13 pc5[eth1]
A14 pc5[eth2]
A15 pc5[eth3]
A18 sw-outside[gi0/3] T 30
A19 sw-outside[gi0/3] T 3701 3702 3703 3704 3705 3730-3750

Layer 3 information

If applicable, provide layer 3 information. If not applicable, replace with "none".

Experimental VLANs

Provide a table of Experimental VLAN detailing VLAN numbers, the endpoints, its purposes and whether VLAN is OF or non-OF.

VLAN IDOF Controlled?Purpose
30 No Orbit lab WiMAX
1753 Yes Shared mesoscale
3701 No Mobility First multipoint VLAN
3702 No NDN multipoint VLAN
3703 No XIA multipoint VLAN
3704 No Reserved multipoint VLAN 1
3705 No Reserved multipoint VLAN 2
3730-3739 No Stitching to ION
3740-3750 No Future stitching to AL2S

VLAN Translation Table

If applicable, provide any VLAN translation details for site.

Non-VLAN Connections

If applicable provide details for non VLAN connections. If not applicable, replace with "none".

Campus Connections

Document what network campus connection are in place for this rack.

Public Internet

If applicable, provide details for public internet connectivity.

Control Plane

This section captures Control plane information for Rutgers University detailing topology and network address information. Additional site which is not specified, but deemed important, can also be captured here.

Control plane connectivity information

Rutgers controls the routing for the control plane of this rack. Rutgers peers with multiple providers (documented at, with the primary connectivity being a multihomed connection through Zayo. The primary connection is documented below.

  • Next-hop ISP: Zayo
  • Identifier for border router: er01-broad-ext
  • Identifier for port facing ISP: xe-2/3/0.0

Resource control subnets

IP: Domain:

Firewall/IP tables


Experiment Resources

Links to resource and network aggregates available for experimenters for Rutgers University:

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