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MOXI Operational Data

This page captures information for InstaGENI sites that is intended for Operators. The goal is to capture site contacts, connectivity, and VLANs.


Site contact information for MOXI.

Data Plane

This section captures Data plane information for MOXI detailing site topology, VLAN, Network Providers (I2/Regional) and network address information. Additional site which is not specified, but deemed important, can also be captured here.

Data plane connectivity diagram

Provide a diagram that captures device, ports and VLAN information at ingress and outgress for transport network. For non-OF connections provide device names and ports connected to transport network (I2/Regional) and VLAN used for those ports. Diagram should capture campus connections.

MOXI InstaGENI rack Connectivity

MOXI Architecture

Layer 2 information

Provide layer 2 information for Circuits VLANs, plus network connection end-points, and purpose of VLAN.

*In the VLAN column, a single ID indicates that the port is an access port. A T followed by one or more IDs indicates that the port is a trunk (aka tagged) port with those VLAN IDs.

Rack Data Plane 5406

PortConnects To VLAN Config*
A24/24 MOXI CIC OF Aggregate Network T 2494

MOXI-CIC aggregation switch

PortConnects To VLAN Config*
A4 CIC EX 4200 1751
A5 CIC EX 4200 1751
A6 CIC EX 4200 1751
A7 CIC EX 4200 1751
A8 CIC EX 4200 1751
A9 CIC EX 4200 1751
A10 CIC EX 4200 1751
A21 CIC EX 4200 1751

Layer 3 information

If applicable, provide layer 3 information. If not applicable, replace with "none".

Experimental VLANs

Provide a table of Experimental VLAN detailing VLAN numbers, the endpoints, its purposes and whether VLAN is OF or non-OF.

VLAN IDOF Controlled?Purpose
2491 YES Transport from U of Chicago InstaGENI to MOXI CIC (Shared Mesoscale)
2493 YES Transport from MOXI ICCN to MOXI CIC (Shared Mesoscale)
2494 YES Transport from MOXI InstaGENI to MOXI CIC (Shared Mesoscale)
2495 YES Transport from MOXI Merit to MOXI CIC (Shared Mesoscale)
2496 YES Transport from MOXI OARnet to MOXI CIC (Shared Mesoscale)
2497 YES Transport from Wisconsin InstaGENI to MOXI CIC (Shared Mesoscale)
1751 YES MOXI CIC aggregation VLAN, transport to ION WASH (Shared Mesoscale)

VLAN Translation Table

Translation on CIC EX 4200

From Source VLANTo Destination VLAN
U of Chicago 2491 MOXI CIC 1751
ICCN 2493 MOXI CIC 1751
IU 2494 MOXI CIC 1751
Merit 2495 MOXI CIC 1751
OARNet 2496 MOXI CIC 1751
Wisconsin 2497 MOXI CIC 1751

Non-VLAN Connections


Campus Connections


Public Internet

Not Applicable

Control Plane

This section captures Control plane information for MOXI detailing topology and network address information. Additional site which is not specified, but deemed important, can also be captured here.

Details of Control plane connectivity

  1. What is the upstream ISP?
    • CENIC
  2. What is the identifier for the border router and port facing the ISP?
    • Please see diagram below.
  3. Is the rack directly connected to the border router?
    • No, the Internet connection connects to a BB switch in bloomington which connects to both RTR.LL and RTR.ICTC

Resource control subnets

  • IP:

Firewall/IP tables


Experiment Resources

Links to resource and network aggregates available for experimenters for MOXI:

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