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Princeton University InstaGENI Confirmation Tests

For details about the tests in this page, see the InstaGENI Confirmation Tests page.
For site status see the InstaGENI New Site Confirmation Tests Status page.

Note: Omni nick_names for site aggregate used for these tests are:


IG-CT-1 - Access to New Site VM resources

Got Aggregate version, which showed AM API V1, V2, and V3 are supported and V2 is default:

$ getversion -a ig-princeton

The InstaGENI version in" 'code_tag':'99a2b1f03656cb665918eebd2b95434a6d3e50f9'" is the same as the other two available InstaGENI site (GPO and Utah):

IG GPO:      
IG Princeton:
IG Utah:    

Get list of "available" compute resources:

$ -a ig-princeton listresources --available -o

Verified that Advertisement RSpec only includes available resources, as requested:

$ egrep "node comp|available now" rspec-xxx

Created a slice:

$ createslice IG-CT-1

Created a 4 VMs sliver using the RSpec IG-CT-1-princeton.rspec:

$ createsliver -a ig-princeton IG-CT-1 IG-CT-1-princeton.rspec

The following is login information for the sliver:

$ -a ig-princeton IG-CT-1

IG-CT-2 - Access to New Site bare metal and VM resources

IG-CT-3 - Multiple sites experiment

IG-CT-4 - Multiple sites OpenFlow experiment and interoperability

IG-CT-5 - Experiment Monitoring

IG-CT-6 - Administrative Tests

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