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    10901090== IG-CT-6 - Administrative Tests ==
     1092Sent request for administrative account to site contact from the [ Kettering InstaGENI] aggregate page.  Followed instructions at [ Admin Accounts on InstaGeni Racks] page for account request. A local admin account was create and also had to join the ''emulab-ops'' group at   Once account was create and membership to emulab-ops was approved proceeded to execute administrative tests. 
     1096LNM:~$ ssh
     1100Also access the node via the PG Boss alias:
     1102LNM:~$ ssh
     1105Further verified access by ssh from to, which is usually restricted for non-admin users:
     1107LNM:~$ ssh
     1110From boss node accessed each of the experiment nodes that support VMs:
     1112[lnevers@boss ~]$ for i in pc1 pc2; do ssh $i "echo -n '===> Host: ';hostname;sudo whoami;uname -a;echo"; done
     1116In order to access Dedicated Nodes some experiment must be running on the raw-pc device. At the time of this capture two raw-pc nodes were in use (pcX and pcY):
     1118[lnevers@boss ~]$ sudo ssh pcX
     1119[root@pcX ~]# sudo whoami
     1121[root@pcX ~]# exit
     1123Connection to
     1124[lnevers@boss ~]$ sudo ssh pcY
     1125[root@pc ~]# sudo whoami
     1127[root@pc ~]#
     1130Access infrastructure Switches using documented password. First connect to the switch named procurve1 the control network switch:
     1132[lnevers@boss ~]$ sudo more /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pswd
     1134[lnevers@boss ~]$ telnet procurve1
     1139Connect to the switch named procurve2 the dataplane network switch via ssh using the documented password:
     1141[lnevers@boss ~]$ sudo more /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pswd
     1143[lnevers@boss ~]$ ssh manager@procurve2
     1146Access the FOAM VM and gather information for version
     1148LNM:~$ ssh
     1150sudo foamctl admin:get-version  --passwd-file=/etc/foam.passwd
     1153Check FOAM configuration for,, email.from settings:
     1155foamctl config:get-value --key=""  --passwd-file=/etc/foam.passwd
     1157foamctl config:get-value --key=""  --passwd-file=/etc/foam.passwd
     1159foamctl config:get-value --key="email.from"  --passwd-file=/etc/foam.passwd
     1161# check if FOAM auto-approve is on. Value 2 = auto-approve is on.
     1163foamctl config:get-value --key="geni.approval.approve-on-creation"  --passwd-file=/etc/foam.passwd
     1167Show FOAM slivers and details for one sliver:
     1170foamctl geni:list-slivers --passwd-file=/etc/foam.passwd
     1173Access the FlowVisor VM and gather version information:
     1178Check the !FlowVisor version, list of devices, get details for a device, list of active slices, and details for one of the slices:
     1181fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd ping hello
     1183# Devices
     1184fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd listDevices
     1186fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd getDeviceInfo 06:d6:6c:3b:e5:68:00:00
     1189fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd listSlices
     1191fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd getSliceInfo 5c956f94-5e05-40b5-948f-34d0149d9182
     1195Check the FlowVisor setting:
     1197fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd dumpConfig /tmp/flowvisor-config
     1198more /tmp/flowvisor-config
     1203Verify alerts for the compute resource Aggregate Manager are being reported to the [ GPO Tango GENI Nagios monitoring] and that all alerts have status OK.
     1208Verify alerts for the FOAM Aggregate Manager are being reported to the [ GPO Tango GENI Nagios monitoring] and that all alerts have status OK.