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IG-MON-4: Infrastructure Device Performance Test

This page captures status for the test case IG-MON-4, which verifies that the rack head node performs well enough to run all the services it needs to run while OpenFlow and non-OpenFlow experiments are running. For overall status see the InstaGENI Acceptance Test Status page.

Last update: 2013/01/29

Test Status

This section captures the status for each step in the acceptance test plan.

StepState Ticket Notes
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

State Legend Description
Color(green,Pass)? Test completed and met all criteria
Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Color(red,Fail)? Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Color(yellow,Complete)? Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Color(orange,Blocked)? Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
Color(#63B8FF,In Progress)? Currently under test.

Test Plan Steps

This test cases sets up several experiments to generate resource usage for both compute and network resources in an InstaGENI Rack. The rack used is the GPO rack and the following experiments are set up before head node device performance is reviewed:

  • IG-MON-4-exp1: IG GPO non-OpenFlow experiment with 10 VM nodes, all nodes exchanging traffic.
  • IG-MON-4-exp2: IG GPO non-OpenFlow experiment with 1 VM and one dedicated raw-pc, both exchanging traffic.
  • IG-MON-4-exp3: IG GPO OpenFlow experiment with 2 nodes in rack exchanging traffic with 2 site GPO OpenFlow campus resources.
  • IG-MON-4-exp4: IG GPO OpenFlow experiment with 2 nodes exchanging traffic with 2 remote IG Utah OpenFlow nodes.

The setup of the experiments above is not captured in this test case, but the RSpec are available [insert_link_here]. Also traffic levels and types will be captured when this test is run.

In addition to the 4 experiment listed above the following experiments were running on the GPO IG rack: [Insert_capture for]

Scenario 1: Mix of experiments

The first head node monitoring scenario was captured while the rack had 27 nodes allocated:

No image "XXX.jpg" attached to GENIRacksHome/InstageniRacks/AcceptanceTestStatus/IG-MON-4

On the Head node the system was mostly idle:

last pid:  6455;  load averages:  0.05,  0.11,  0.13                                               up 48+22:16:24  15:19:20
140 processes: 1 running, 138 sleeping, 1 zombie
CPU:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system,  0.0% interrupt,  100% idle
Mem: 384M Active, 1241M Inact, 187M Wired, 25M Cache, 93M Buf, 162M Free
Swap: 2047M Total, 2420K Used, 2045M Free

While the 4 experiments involving OpenFlow and compute slivers are running, execute the steps below.

1. View OpenFlow control monitoring at GMOC and verify that no monitoring data is missing

2. View VLAN 1750 data plane monitoring

Verify the VLAN 1750 data plane monitoring which pings the rack's interface on VLAN 1750, and verify that packets are not being dropped

3. Verify CPU idle percentage on the server host and the FOAM VM are both nonzero

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