IG-EXP-7 Click router multi-aggregate issues

This page captures issues encountered while trying to execute the click-router example with resources in two racks, as shown in the following diagram:

The slivers were created in both racks using the RSpec which had been used for the same scenario to be run in one rack. Following is a list of issues that were encountered.

1) When running in one rack the RSpec does not require any IP addresses, they are assigned automatically. This is not the case when the same resources are spread across two aggregates, the RSpec must define the IP addresses to be used.

2) Once the slivers are ready, not all interfaces are listed in the /etc/hosts. All gre tunnels interfaces are not listed in /etc/hosts.

3) When slivers are created, the IG-Utah nodes do not have entries for the IG-GPO nodes, and vicersa.

4) Routing is not set up to allow traffic exchange between the aggregates.

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