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    224 == Step 7. Modify Aggregate resource allocation for the rack to add 1 additional physical node ==
     224== Step 7. Modify Aggregate resource allocation for the rack to add node ==
     226This steps validates the ability to adjust the shared node allocation by following the instructions available in the [ Setup Shared Nodes] page.  The procedure executes the following:
     229    a. Use listresources at the InstaGENI GPO rack to find a dedicated node that is available for re-allocation
     230    b. Follow the instructions to add the  node to the shared pool as defined at the [ Setup Shared Nodes] page.
     231    c. Verify that the node becomes part of the shared pool via listresources component_id "exclusive" tag.
     232    d. Verify that no VMs are in use for the new shared node by checking  that the tag "<emulab:node_type type_slots="100"/> ".
     233    e. Modify shared-nodes experiment to remove the node, (if not in use).
     234    f. Verify that the node is no longer part of the shared pool via listresources component_id "exclusive" tag.
     236Here are details for each step that is executed:
     238a. Listresources to find dedicated node available:
     241$ listresources -a ig-gpo -o
     242$ egrep "node comp|available" rspec-instageni-gpolab-bbn-com-protogeniv2.xml 
     243<node component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="pc3" exclusive="true">   
     244<available now="false"/>   
     245<node component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="pc5" exclusive="true">   
     246<available now="true"/>   
     247<node component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="pc4" exclusive="true">   
     248<available now="true"/>   
     249<node component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="pc1" exclusive="false">   
     250<available now="true"/>   
     251<node component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="interconnect-campus" exclusive="false">   
     252<available now="true"/>   
     253<node component_id="" component_manager_id="" component_name="pc2" exclusive="false">   
     254<available now="true"/>   
     257According to the results above the 3 exclusive (aka dedicated) nodes are pc3, pc4, and pc5" and they are all available for use.  The two nodes that are used as shared node (exclusive=false) are pc1 and pc2.  Will add pc3 to the shared node pool.