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    4444== Criteria to verify as part of this test ==
    46 '''FIXME: fill this in'''
     46 * VI.07. A public document explains the requirements that site administrators have to the GENI community, including how to join required mailing lists, how to keep their support contact information up-to-date, how and under what circumstances to work with Legal, Law Enforcement and Regulatory(LLR) Plan, how to best contact the rack vendor with operational problems, what information needs to be provided to GMOC to support emergency stop, and how to interact with GMOC when an Emergency Stop request is received. (F.3, C.3.d)
     47 * VI.17. A procedure is documented for performing a shutdown operation on any type of sliver on the rack, in support of an Emergency Stop request. (C.3.d)
     48 * VII.18. Given a public IP address and port, an exclusive VLAN, a sliver name, or a piece of user-identifying information such as e-mail address or username, a site administrator or GMOC operator can identify the email address, username, and affiliation of the experimenter who controlled that resource at a particular time. (D.7)
     49 * VII.19. GMOC and a site administrator can perform a successful Emergency Stop drill in which slivers containing compute and OpenFlow-controlled network resources are shut down. (C.3.d)
    4851= Step 1 (prep): Site administrator reviews GMOC and InstaGENI sliver shut down procedures =