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    9595== Results of testing step 4: 2013-03-07 ==
     97Chaos sent the following at 3:00 PM EST:
     101I am still a GENI experimenter, and am still trying to use the BBN site.
     103I noticed that the slice
     104has a sliver on the ProtoGENI aggregate at the BBN InstaGENI rack
     105( which is causing trouble.
     107Please perform an emergency stop on that sliver.
     109Also, i swear i sent almost this exact complaint yesterday.  Please tell
     110that experimenter to knock it off already.  Some of us are trying to
     111use GENI here.  :>)
     116The GMOC followed up at 3:11 PM EST with:
     118Greetings GENI Rack Site Operator at BBN,
     120We received an emergency stop request from a GENI experimenter, Chaos, for the following GENI resource:
     121 on the ProtoGENI Aggregate at the BBN InstaGENI rack ( of which BBN and InstaGENI Ops team are listed as Aggregate Operator(s).
     124Please acknowledge within an hour that you are looking into this Emergency Stop request and are working to shut-down this resource. If no response is received in one hour, we will proceed to contact your Escalation contact and/or perform an isolation of your slice/resource from the GENI Core network.
     126NOTE: Please feel free to reference the following document for details of the GMOC Emergency Stop process:
     129Thank You,
     132GENI Meta Operations Center
     133Indiana University, 317-274-7783
     135Visit the GMOC Home Page at
    97140= Step 5: Site Administrator receives ES request =