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GENI Rack Deployment Sites

This page captures the list of sites with existing or planned GENI racks, grouped by the project supporting each site (InstaGENI or ExoGENI). The lists provided do not reflect any schedule or priority for deployment.

See GENIProduction for a list of production GENI resources, including racks.

ExoGENI Sites

Rack Site City State Regional(*)
Columbia University New York NY NYSERNet
Duke Durham NC BEN
Florida International University Miami FL FLR/SOX
GENI Project Office Cambridge MA NOX
Open Science Facility Berkley CA COTN (CENIC) and ESnet
Northwestern University Chicago IL MREN
RENCI Chapel Hill NC I2, NLR, and BEN
Texas A&M University College Station TX LEARN
University of Alaska, Fairbanks Fairbanks AK Pacific Northwest Gigapop
University of California, Davis Davis CA COTN (CENIC)
University of Florida Gainesville FL SOX
University of Houston Houston TX LEARN
University of Massachusetts Amherst MA NOX and Amherst area network
Wayne State University Detroit MI Merit

InstaGENI Sites

Rack Site City State Regional(*)
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA 3ROX
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH NLR
Clemson University Clemson SC SOX
Cornell University Ithaca NY NYSERNet
Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) La Mirada CA CENIC
GENI Project Office Cambridge MA NOX
Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta GA SOX
Indiana University Bloomington IN Indiana GigaPOP/I-Light
Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) College Park MD MAX
Midwest OpenFlow Crossroads Initiative (MOXI) Bloomington IN MOXI
Naval Postgraduate School Monterey CA DREN
New York State Education and Research Network (NYSERNet) Syracuse NY NYSERNet
New York University New York NY I2
Northwestern University Chicago IL MOXI
Ohio State University Columbus OH OARnet/MREN/MiLR
Princeton University (temporary) Princeton NJ MAGPI
Rutgers New Brunswick NJ MAGPI
Southern Crossroads (SOX) Atlanta GA SOX
Stanford University Stanford CA CENIC
University of California, Berkley Berkley CA CENIC
University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles CA CENIC
University of California, San Diego San Diego CA CENIC
University of Chicago Chicago IL MREN
University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder CO Front Range GigaPoP
University of Hawaii Honolulu HI Pacific Northwest Gigapop
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign IL MOXI
University of Kansas Lawrence KS KanREN and GPN
University of Kentucky Lexington KY KyRON
University of Maryland College Park College Park MD MAX
University of Michigan Ann Arbor MI MOXI
University of Missouri Kansas City MO Great Plains Network and MOREnet
University of Missouri-Columbia Columbia MO GPN
University of Utah Salt Lake City UT UEN
University of Washington Seattle WA Pacific Northwest GigaPOP
University of Wisconsin Madison WI WiscNet

(*) Not all regionals are confirmed by site yet. "I2" or "NLR" in this column indicates a possible direct connection without an intermediate regional.