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    2929=== High impact ===
    31 These issues have a high impact on the ability to support experimenters in the GENI environment.
    33  * There are no sliver counts nor resource counts for the ExoGENI slices available to experimenters. (All EG-EXP)
     31There are no high impact issues for experimenters at this time.
    3533=== Medium impact ===
    3937 * Microsoft Windows support on bare metal nodes is not available. Microsoft Windows support on a VM has been discussed, but is also not available. (EG-EXP-1)
    4038 * There is no custom OS image support for Experimenters. (EG-EXP-2)
     39 * Image Playpen system planned but not yet available. This is not part of a test case, but it is part of the toolset for experimenters to generate their own custom images.
    4140 * Bare metal nodes only support one Operating System version at this time, CentOS release 6.3, which is provided by the ExoGENI Team. (EG-EXP-1)
    4241 * Some provisioning problems may occur during the provisioning of the bare metal nodes, where the node is not fully configured. (EG-EXP-1)
    5150 * Default expectation that a client_id in the Manifest RSpec matches the the client_id in the Request RSpec is not met.  AM API Acceptance test must be modified to expect unbound resources, with this change in place, there is compliance.
    5251 * There is no monitoring support for bare metal nodes available for experimenter.  This should be documented for both operational and I&M monitoring impact.  All EG-EXP)
    53  * Image Playpen system planned but not yet available.
    5554= Administration and Monitoring Test Cases =