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GPO ExoGENI Confirmation Tests

For details about the tests in this page, see the ExoGENI Confirmation Tests page.
For site status see the ExoGENI New Site Confirmation Tests Status page.

Several ExoGENI site aggregates are used on this page that are aliased with Omni nick_names:


EG-CT-1 - Access to New Site VM resources

Got Aggregate version, which showed AM API V3 being supported along with GENI RSpec V3. The ExoGENI version is ORCA Camano:

$ -a eg-gpo getversion
INFO:omni:Loading config file /home/lnevers/.gcf/omni_config
INFO:omni:Using control framework pg
INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname eg-gpo with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
INFO:omni:AM URN: unspecified_AM_URN (url: has version:
INFO:omni:{   'geni_ad_rspec_versions': [   
          {   'extensions': [   '',
                                     'namespace': '',
                                     'schema': '',
                                     'type': 'GENI',
                                     'version': '3'}],
    'geni_api': 2,
    'geni_api_versions': {   '2': ''},
    'geni_request_rspec_versions': [   
     {   'extensions': [   '',
                                'namespace': '',
                                'schema': '',
                                'type': 'GENI',
                                'version': '3'}],
    'orca_version': 'ORCA Camano:'}
INFO:omni: ------------------------------------------------------------
INFO:omni: Completed getversion:
  Options as run:
		aggregate: ['eg-gpo']
		framework: pg
		noGetVersionCache: True
  Args: getversion
  Result Summary: 
Got version for
INFO:omni: ============================================================

EG-CT-2 - Access to New Site bare metal and VM resources

EG-CT-3 - Multiple sites experiment

EG-CT-4 - Multiple sites OpenFlow experiment and interoperability

EG-CT-5 - Experiment Monitoring

EG-CT-6 - Administrative Tests

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