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     1== ExoGENI Acceptance Tests Open Topic ==
     3== Open Topics: 2013-02-27 ==
     5=== Experimenter Tests ===   
     7__Overall:__   [[BR]]
     8Waiting on installation for AM API fix in all racks, to re-ran experimenter acceptance tests.
     10__EG-EXP-3: ExoGENI Single Site 100 VM Test__    [[BR]]
     11Need to rerun when hybrid mode is available. 
     13=== Administrative Tests ===
     15__EG-ADM-2: Rack Administrator Access Test__  [[BR]]
     17There are concerns about the current ExoGENI Network Design, and following
     18are requests to address our concerns:
     20 1. We think site admins will find it surprising and alarming that part
     21    of their network (vlan 1006) is being bridged to control networks
     22    at other sites.  It should be documented clearly for site admins
     23    that this is going on.
     25 2. We think the IMMs at each site should have per-site nontrivial
     26    passwords (the ones at BBN are still USERID/PASSW0RD), so that
     27    accidental tampering with other sites' nodes is less likely.
     29 3. We think site admins shouldn't be able to login to other sites'
     30    head nodes.  This is a bit of extra protection against accidents
     31    which should be easy to implement.
     34__EG-ADM-4: Emergency Stop Test__ [[BR]]
     36An Emergency Stop Procedure detailed test outline is being defined.  The preparation
     37steps are currently being executed and Coordination is taking place. There are no
     38blocking issues at time.
     41__EG-ADM-7: Documentation Review Test__   [[BR]]
     43Email with prioritized documentation list was sent to the exogeni-design list.  We would like to see
     44some progress on the high priority items.
     47__EG-MON-3: GENI Active Experiment Inspection Test__   [[BR]]
     49Currently learning the Pequod interface, ramp up time is only issue.
     51__EG-MON-5: GMOC Data Collection Test__   [[BR]]
     53Test is hindered by a GMOC bug, but workaround is available and being used.
     54More work to be done by the ExoGENI, as discussed in Monitoring Call discussions.
     55May need Victor and/or Jonathan's time to finish/