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     1= Detailed test plan for EG-MON-5: GMOC Data Collection Test =
     3''This page is GPO's working page for performing EG-MON-5.  It is public for informational purposes, but it is not an official status report.  See [wiki:GENIRacksHome/ExogeniRacks/AcceptanceTestStatus] for the current status of ExoGENI acceptance tests.''
     5''Last substantive edit of this page: 2013-02-26''
     7== Status of test ==
     9|| '''Step''' || '''State'''           || '''Date completed''' || '''Open Tickets''' || '''Closed Tickets/Comments''' ||
     11== High-level description from test plan ==
     13This test verifies the rack's submission of monitoring data to GMOC.
     15=== Procedure ===
     17View the dataset collected at GMOC for the BBN and RENCI ExoGENI racks. For each piece of required data, attempt to verify that:
     19 * The data is being collected and accepted by GMOC and can be viewed at
     20 * The data's "site" tag indicates that it is being reported for the rack located at the gpolab or RENCI site (as appropriate for that rack).
     21 * The data has been reported within the past 10 minutes.
     22 * For each piece of data, either verify that it is being collected at least once a minute, or verify that it requires more complicated processing than a simple file read to collect, and thus can be collected less often.
     24Verify that the following pieces of data are being reported:
     26 * Is each of the rack ExoGENI and FOAM AMs reachable via the GENI AM API right now?
     27 * Is each compute or unbound VLAN resource at each rack AM online? Is it available or in use?
     28 * Sliver count and percentage of compute and unbound VLAN resources in use for the rack SM.
     29 * Identities of current slivers on each rack AM, including creation time for each.
     30 * Per-sliver interface counters for compute and VLAN resources (where these values can be easily collected).
     31 * Is the rack data plane switch online?
     32 * Interface counters and VLAN memberships for each rack data plane switch interface
     33 * MAC address table contents for shared VLANs which appear on rack data plane switches
     34 * Is each rack worker node online?
     35 * For each rack worker node configured as an OpenStack VM server, overall CPU, disk, and memory utilization for the host, current VM count and total VM capacity of the host.
     36 * For each rack worker node configured as an OpenStack VM server, interface counters for each data plane interface.
     37 * Results of at least one end-to-end health check which simulates an experimenter reserving and using at least one resource in the rack.
     39Verify that per-rack or per-aggregate summaries are collected of the count of distinct users who have been active on the rack, either by providing raw sliver data containing sliver users to GMOC, or by collecting data locally and producing trending summaries on demand.
     41== Step 1: download all recent GMOC data for examination ==
     43=== Step 1A: download GMOC relational data objects for BBN and RCI racks ===
     45Within a python shell on a node which has installed and configured with a valid submission username:
     47import sys
     49import gmoc
     50import gmoc_config
     52config = gmoc_config.read_config_file()
     53obsolete_url_suffix = 'xchange/'
     54serviceurl = config['GMOC_REL_URL']
     55if serviceurl.endswith(obsolete_url_suffix):
     56  serviceurl = serviceurl[:-1 * (len(obsolete_url_suffix))]
     58f = open(config['PASSWD_FILE'])
     59gmoc_passwd = f.readline().strip()
     62client = gmoc.GMOCClient(
     63           serviceURL = serviceurl,
     64           username = config['SITENAME'],
     65           password = gmoc_passwd,
     66         )
     68bbnxo = client.load(gmoc.Aggregate(''))
     69rcixo = client.load(gmoc.Aggregate(''))
     70bbnfoam = client.load(gmoc.Aggregate(''))
     71rcifoam = client.load(gmoc.Aggregate(''))
     73This should yield four gmoc.Aggregate objects.
     75=== Step 1B: download recent GMOC measurement data as XML ===
     77Pretty-print the most recent XML measurement data download from GMOC:
     79import urllib
     80from xml.dom import minidom
     81usock = urllib.urlopen('')
     82dom = minidom.parse(usock)
     83f = open('recent-gmoc.xml', 'w')
     84f.write('%s\n' % dom.toprettyxml())
     87This should yield an XML file, `recent-gmoc.xml`.