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    5454== Step 1. As Experimenter1, Determine GPO compute resources and define RSpec. ==
     56Three scenarios have been planned for the ExoGENI OpenFlow Network Resources test case EG-EXP-5.  Each of the three scenarios includes 2 local BBN Campus VMs (siovale and tiberium on vSwitch Karshyyyk) which are NOT part of the ExoGENI rack. The OpenFlow flowspaces are managed with the ExoGENI FOAM aggregate.  For each scenario there are 2 meso-scale remote sites: 1 WAPG at Rutgers(Internet2) and 1 MyPLC at Clemson (NLR).  Following are the outline for the planned scenarios:
     58''EG-EXP-5-scenario1:'' This Scenario includes 2 campus VMs with an interface on VLAN 1750, whose flowspaces pass through the ExoGENI OpenFlow switch to remore I2 and NLR OF sites.
     60''EG-EXP-5-scenario2:'' This scenario includes 2 campus VMs which are not part of the ExoGENI rack. These VMs have and interface on a campus VLAN 3705 which is mapped to
     61VLAN 1750 in the ExoGENI rack.
     63''EG-EXP-5-scenario3:'' This scenario includes 2 campus VMs, one with an interface on VLAN 1720 and one on VLAN 1721, translated to VLAN 1750. Flowspaces need to include:
     64        - Traffic on VLAN 1720 or VLAN 1721 from the campus uplink port.
     65        - Traffic on VLAN 1750 from the GENI uplink port that matches node nodes IPs.
     66        - A controller that can do VLAN translation.
    5570== Step 2. Determine remote meso-scale compute resources and define RSpec. ==
    5671== Step 3. Define a request RSpec for OF network resources at the BBN ExoGENI FOAM. ==