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New Site Confirmation Tests

The GPO has defined a set of tests for validate each rack that is deployed for production use. The Confirmation tests validate the following areas: Experiment scenarios, Monitoring support and Administrative cases. The New Site Confirmation test cases are captured in test plans for each GENI rack solution:

Test Plan Page Test Status Page
ExoGENI New Site Confirmation Tests ExoGENI New Site Confirmation Test Status
InstaGENI New Site Confirmation TestsInstaGENI New Site Confirmation Test Status]
OpenGENI New Site Confirmation Tests OpenGENI New Site Confirmation Test Status

GENI Racks Stitching Confirmation Tests

As some GENI functionality has been expanded to support GENI Network Stitching, the GPO has defined GENI Stitching Confirmation Tests that are being executed for GENI rack sites. See Stitching Confirmation Tests Status page for details about stitching testing for each validated site.

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