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CG-EXP-4: GENI Stitching Support

This test allocated resources in both NCSU2 and NCSU Cisco racks. Note the following Omni nick names are used:,,

Test Status

This section captures the status for each step in the acceptance test plan.

Stitching topologies State Tickets/Comments
NCSU2 to NCSU2 N/A Not planned
NCSU2 to GPO EG Color(orange,Blocked)? Stitching setup; remoteLinkId defenition
NCSU2 to IG site
NCSU2 to AL2S site
NCSU2 to ION site

State Legend Description
Color(green,Pass)? Test completed and met all criteria
Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Color(red,Fail)? Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Color(yellow,Complete)? Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Color(orange,Blocked)? Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
Color(#63B8FF,In Progress)? Currently under test.