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    13= Cisco GENI Racks Interoperability and OpenFlow Acceptance Test Plan =
    35The '''[wiki:GENIRacksHome/CiscoGENIRacks/AcceptanceTestPlan Cisco GENI Racks Interoperability and OpenFlow Acceptance Test Plan]''' is based on the [wiki:GENIRacksHome/AcceptanceTests/ExogeniAcceptanceTestsPlan ExoGENI System Acceptance Test Plan] test cases.  Test cases have been renamed for the Cisco rack and some have been combined to generate a more efficient test effort. The goal of this plan is to validate the
    4 [ GENI Rack Requirements.
     6[ GENI Rack Requirements].
    68This plan defines tests that cover the following types of requirements: Integration (C), Monitoring(D), Experimenter(G) and Local Aggregate (F) requirements.  The [ GENI AM API Acceptance tests] suite covers Software (A and B) requirements that are not covered in this plan.  This plan covers high-priority functional tests; ExoGENI racks support more functions than those highlighted here.   Issues from acceptance testing will be tracked in [ ExoGENI trac tickets] system.  Test Status can be found in the  '''[wiki:GENIRacksHome/CiscoGENIRacks/AcceptanceTestStatus Cisco GENI Acceptance Test Status]''' page.
    5557   - NCSU2 to WVN
    5658   - NCSU to GPO EG
     59   - NCSU2 to GPO EG
    5861== CG-EXP-4: GENI Stitching Support ==
    59    - NCSU2 to GPO EG
     62Support for GENI Network Stitching will also be validated by verifying that the following connected are available:
     63  - NCSU2 to NCSU
     64  - NCSU2 to GPO EG
     65  - NCSU2 to ION Site
     66  - NCSU2 to AL2S Site
     67  - Multiple network aggregates (NYSERNet IG<ION-AL2S->NCSU2<-AL2S->Stanford-IG)
    62 ==
     69== CG-EXP-5: OpenFlow Support ==
     70These tests can only be run on NCSU2, which supports !Open Flow.  Testing will validate the following:
     72 - Support for !OpenFlow Commands:
     73    o getversion
     74    o listresources
     75 - Support for !OpenFlow RSpecs:
     76    o Advertisement
     77    o Manifest
     78    o Request
     79 - Shared OF VLAN Interoperability to EG and IG sites
     80 - !OpenFlow over Stitched connection to remote InstaGENI       
     81 - OpenFlow over Stitched connection to remote ExoGENI
     83== CG-EXP-6: Limits Tests ==
     85Various resource allocation limits tests will be run in both NCSU and NCSU2. Scenarios will be expanded as status is determined for this area.  Following are the types of tests that are executed to verify that the requirements for 100 VMs is met by this rack:
     86 - 100 VM - 50 slices w/2 VMs
     87 - 100 VMs - 10 slices w/10 VMs
     88 - 100 VMs - 4 slices w/25 VMs