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     1= GENI Racks Acceptance Tests =
    2 = GENI Racks Acceptance Tests =
     3The GPO has approaches to validate the implementation of the '''[ GENI Rack Requirements]''':
     4 * [ GENI AM API Acceptance Tests] developed by the GPO software group and is to be used by GENI Racks teams to verify compliance to the AM API.
     5 * System Acceptance Plan to validate each GENI Rack solution before broad deployment.
     7Please the [ GENI AM API Acceptance Tests] page for details on getting and running the the AM API compliance tests.
     9The System Acceptance Test Plan validates all major requirements areas for GENI Racks using common acceptance criteria for each validation area:
     10|| ||
     11||'''Validation planned'''||'''Description'''||
     12|| ||
     13|| Experimenter Acceptance Tests       || Validate experimenter requirements are met by Rack||
     14|| Integration Acceptance Tests        || Validate integrated solution meets the GENI Rack requirements ||
     15|| Monitoring Acceptance Tests         || Validate that monitoring features are production-level ||
     16|| Aggregate Owner Acceptance Checklist|| A checklist of items whose existence and access and content is verified ||
     17|| Aggregate Owner Acceptance Tests    || Validation that GENI Racks are production-ready is initially covered by the Aggregate Owner Acceptance Tests. ||
     20=GENI Racks System Acceptance Test Plans ==
     22Although the acceptance criteria are the same for each of the rack solutions, acceptance test plans were defined for each GENI rack project based on the initial use cases:
     24 * [wiki:GENIRacksHome/AcceptanceTests/ExogeniAcceptanceTestsPlan ExoGENI System Acceptance Tests] 
     25 * [wiki:GENIRacksHome/AcceptanceTests/InstageniAcceptanceTests InstaGENI System Acceptance Tests]