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    55This page describes GENI racks administrative tasks and duties associated with each task.  For each rack type, a site contact coordinates delivery, installation, configuration, and maintenance of the rack.  In this very important role, you can rely on GPO support.   Please contact us at [] for any questions.  The GPO also provides a real-time public IRC chat room where engineers are often available, `` channel `#geni`, for debugging any issues you may encounter.  See [wiki:HowTo/ConnectToGENIChatRoom] for details.
    7 == Rack Site Requirements and Installation ==
     7== Site Requirements and Rack Installation ==
    88The site contact works with the organization deploying the rack (GPO, RENCI or HP) to get get the rack (Starter, InstaGENI or ExoGENI, respectively) and site requirements for their specific site networks defined.  The site requirements include:
    99 * Network Setup - Define how the rack will connect to the Internet and to the GENI backbones. Ex Regional connections, connection speed, VLANs to be used, etc.
    1515 * GENI Agreements - Sites need to read and agree to basic usage agreements for GENI racks.  All sites should read and understand the [wiki:GpoDoc#GENIRecommendedUsePolicy GENI Recommended Usage Policy] and the [wiki:GpoDoc#GENIAggregateProvidersAgreement GENI Aggregate Providers Agreement].  There may also be additional specific agreements for the ExoGENI and InstaGENI projects.
    17 == Rack Administrative Tasks ==
    19 Site GENI rack administrator operations responsibilities include:
     17== Administrative Tasks ==
     19In addition to the site requirements above, a site contact has administrative responsibilities that include:
    2020 * managing user accounts for experimenters and for other operators.
    2121 * managing updates for software and firmware, depending on the rack type.  (See section below for specific rack type)