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    33This page shows frequently asked question from administrators of OpenGENI racks and is part of the '' ''' [wiki:GENIRacksAdministration GENI Rack Administration]''' '' pages.
     6== User Administration ==
     8=== Q. I am the administrator.  What can I access in my rack? ===
     10 - Local Administrator:    Each OpenGENI rack is initially configured to allow ssh access for one administrator account to all rack devices. If you are this person, than you have access to the control node, compute nodes, and switches in the rack.
     12 - Additional administrative accounts: Any existing administrative account can be used to create additional administrative accounts. Procedure to create more Administrative accounts detailed in the [wiki:GENIRacksAdministration/OpenGENIRacksAdminAccounts OpenGENI Rack Administration] instructions.
     14=== Q. I tried logging into the boss node with my administrative ID and got a "permission denied" error. What is wrong? ===
     16Access to the hosts and devices in the OpenGENI rack requires SSH public keys.  Your SSH public key must be installed in the authorized_keys file to access the ''control'' and ''compute'' nodes.
     18If you want access the rack switches, you must first login to the control node and then ssh to the switches as detailed in your rack control plane details table. For example here is the Clemson rack details for the [wiki:GENIRacksHome/OpenGENIRacks/ClemsonRackDetails#NetworkConfiguration switches].   
     21== Rack Resources ==
     23=== Q. What types of servers are in the racks ? ===
     25The OpenGENI rack is implemented on Dell hardware, here is the [wiki:GENIRacksHome/OpenGENIRacks/DellPartsList parts list].
     27== Network Requirements ==
     30== Monitoring ==