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    7373The G7 nodes have 12 cores, but with hyper threading it is 24 CPUs. The G8s have 16 cores and 32 CPUs. The CPU freq on the G7s is 2666 while on the G8s it is 2094. All servers have 48GB Ram. The G7 servers have a 500GB disk and the G8 servers have a 1TB disk.
     75=== Q. What type of notifications will I get from the InstaGENI rack resources? ===
     77When experimenters request resources, the InstaGENI processes generate email notifications to the ''testbed-ops@your.domain'' mail list.  There are several types of notifications that you may receive with these subject lines:
     79 - "YOURINSTAGENI:" - These notifications include details for successful and unsuccessful experimenter operations. These emails do not require any administrative action, but may be monitored to determine the activity on your rack.
     80 - "YOURINSTAGENI: Membership $operation 'emulab-ops/emulab-ops'" - Where operation may include "request", "approval", etc. for user account requests on your rack to access the rack's Web interface. These emails require administrative action.
     81 - "YOURINSTAGENI: 4 PCs idle 10 hours: emulab-ops/xen-guests" - Notification that idle resources are being release from sliver. No administrator action required.
     82 - "YOURINSTAGENI: 1 nodes failed to boot" - Notification that experimenter resource failed to boot, may require action by InstaGENI team to reset the node, site administrator may need to take action, if asked.
    7585== Network Requirements ==