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CHK-001-F: GENI WiMAX Checks

CHK-001-F GENI WiMAX Checks

GENI WiMAX site use !SSH/SSL for Console access. This is the only part of the system that can be exposed to security incidents. Normally WiMax Site Contacts manage and monitor for incidents at these systems. The current approach is to monitor for !SSH/SSL alert and to request that WiMAX site contacts apply those fixes.

1.0 GENI WiMAX !SSH/SSL Checks

1.1 Goals WiMAX SSH/SSL Check

The goal is to ensure that Site Contacts are keeping up with the installation of fixes to address known SSH/SSL security advisories.

1.2 Steps for WiMAX SSH/SSL Check

SSH/SSL advisories that are discovered should be propagate to site contacts for each WiMAX site as done for any rack aggregate.

1.3 "Function/Service Name" Check - Pass Criteria

If no SSH/SSL advisories are available, then no action is required.

1.4 "Function/Service Name" Check - Fail Criteria and Escalation

If an SSH/SSL advisory is available, then each WiMAX site contact should be contacted to install the fix. All WiMAX site contacts can be found at the GENI Aggregates page where each site that supports WiMAX is listed. Current list of WiMAX sites includes:

Escalation: WiMAX Site Contacts.