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GENI OESS Topologies Performance

This page capture a summary of the performance measurements collected while running the test cases listed in the GENIOESSTopologiesTestStatus page.

Traffic Characteristics:

   iperf -c destaddr -t 60
   iperf -c destaddr -t 60 -b 100M -u
   ping  destaddr -q -c 60

ION to AL2S Performance Summary Endpoint used: GPO InstaGENI host and AL2S Atlanta test end-point set up and run by Luke Fowler

'Cross connect TCP UDP rtt min/avg/max/mdev
sdn-sw.atla e15/1 <-> rtr.atla:port=xe-0/3/0 71.3 Mbits/sec 96.9 Mbits/sec 23.238/39.284/123.874/28.394 ms
sdn-sw.losa e1/1 <-> rtr.losa:port=et-10/0/0 14.2 Mbits/sec 96.5 Mbits/sec 135.987/140.973/148.510/2.867 ms
sdn-sw.kans e15/1 <-> rtr.kans:port=xe-0/0/3 26.4 Mbits/sec 96.9 Mbits/sec 71.577/71.852/80.449/1.139 ms