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    1 Coming Nov 4, 2015.
     3= [ GENI NICE] Evening Demos =
     4== Location ==
     6Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf Hotel[[br]]
     72500 Mason St[[br]]
     8San Francisco, CA 94133
     10== Schedule ==
     12Tuesday Nov 10, 2015 - 5.30pm - 7.30pm
     14== Session Leaders ==
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     20<tr align='center'>
     21<td> <a href=""><img src="" height='120px'/></a></td>
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     24<tr align='center'  style="border:1px solid gray;">
     25<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Manu Gosain<br/>GENI Project Office</td>
     26<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Peter Stickney<br/>GENI Project Office</td>
     31== Details ==
     33The evening demo session gives GENI NICE experimenters and developers a chance to share their work in a live network environment.  Demonstrations run for the entire length of the session, with teams on hand to answer questions and collaborate.  This page lists requested demonstrations categorized in broad interest groups.  You can download project posters and supplemental information from attachments listed at the bottom of this page.
     35== Projects ==
     37=== Education ===
     39==== Virtual Computer Networks Lab ====
     41Attendees interested in using GENI for education should attend this demo. In this demo we will present assignments that we have created within the scope of our GENI Virtual Computer Networks Lab. These assignments are executed on GENI testbeds and can be used by teachers in their Computer Networks or Distributed Systems classes. In addition to the assignments we will demonstrate LabWiki and how it can be used by students to execute the assignments. We will also demonstrate LabWiki’s features that support teachers in setting up and evaluating assignments.
     45 * Mike Zink,, University of Massachusetts
     46 * Eswer Kishore
     47 * Divyashri Bhat
     49==== Education Modules using GENI ====
     51This is a demo (with a poster at the demo station as well) of education modules that can be used in undergraduate networking classes. We have developed several curricular modules to teach basic networking concepts, including congestion control, TCP vs UDP, exploring router size, and several others.
     53If you teach networking courses, and would like toteands-on real demo, in-class tutorials, or assignments using GENI infrastructure to reinforce concepts through experimentation, please stop by our demo, and visit:
     56 * Jay Aikat,, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
     57 * Kevin Jeffay
     58 * Ryan Doyle
     60=== Future Internet Architectures ===