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    1111== Monitoring Features ==
    13 ''<< Insert overview of feature within the monitoring system >>>''
     13The [ GENI Monitoring] system make the following types of information available:
     15 * Aggregates - Monitored GENI Aggregates data is available that includes details such as allocated nodes, links and slivers at that GENI Aggregate.
     16 * Users - Users information known to the GENI Clearinghouse (
     17 * Slices - All active slices, that may or may not have resources.
     18 * Slivers - All active reservations that compute and/or network resources actively allocated.
     19 * VLANs - All VLANs in use in GENI Environment, includes both sites and AL2S VLANs.
     20 * Nodes - Allocated GENI nodes, including VM and bare metal for all monitored aggregates.
     21 * Interfaces - All nodes defined for all aggregates being monitored. Note, ExoGENI keeps historical list of interfaces, while other aggregates only list active interfaces.
     22 * Links - Active GENI network connections which map VLANs between endpoints.
     23 * Check Stores - External Check that are run by GPO and by IMinds that capture status for specific type of information, such as up/down status or stitching support.
     24 * Authorities - GENI Clearinghouse ( provides valid user and slice information.
     25 * Aggregate Status - Site availability, available raw-pc and VM server statistics information. Also allows selecting aggregates by criteria like aggregate type or stitching.  See [wiki:GENIMonitoring/AggregateStatusHelp Aggregate Status] help page for more details.
    1527== GENI Monitoring API ==