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GENI Monitoring How-to

This provides and overview of available GENI Monitoring by doing a walk-trough of the system to answer common user questions. Each sections high-light potential ways to answer the user question

GENI Monitoring Layout

When you first login to the GENI Monitoring system, you will be presented with the following page:

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Functions are as follows:

[1] All monitoring functions are available from the Main Navigation in the left side of the page.
[2] Status information is displayed in the main panel of the page. Initially displays the Dashboard.
[3] Hides the Main Navigation on the left side of the page. Most navigation is possible using the main page panel.
[4] User ID/Operations. Provides access to 'logout' and 'profile', where you can change your password.
[5] Allow search within the area shown in the panel.
[6] Allows search across all areas of monitoring.

Monitoring Data by User Type

The data available to you is based on the user type associated with your account. The following user types are available:

  • Admin - User has all administrative functions and can see all data
  • Operator - Has privileges over monitoring data, but no administrative access.
  • Experimenter - User can only see their own data, and has no access to other user data.

Following is a table that highlight which function are available by user type:

Main Navigation functionAdminOperatorExperimenter
(User) Administration Yes No No
GENI Alerts Yes Yes Yes
GENI Objects - Users Yes Yes No
GENI Objects - Slices Yes Yes Yes
GENI Objects - Slivers Yes Yes Yes
GENI Objects - Checks Yes Yes Yes
GENI Stores - Aggregates Yes Yes Yes
GENI Stores - Authorities Yes Yes Yes
GENI Stores - Check Stores Yes Yes Yes
GENI Hardware - Nodes Yes Yes Yes
GENI Hardware - Interfaces Yes Yes Yes
GENI Hardware - Links Yes Yes Yes
GENI Hardware - VLANs Yes Yes Yes

Finding an Experimenter Slice

Information about Slices is based on your user role. Administrator profiles have access to all slices while operators and experimenters have access only to slices in their GENI project. (SHOULD THIS NOT BE TRUE??? IT IS NOT AT THIS TIME).

To find a slices simple select the "slice" icon in the Dashboard or via the navigation panel (GENI Objects->Slices). Both result in the main panel listed all active slices, you may further narrow down your search by typing the project or slice name in the search box at the top right hand corner of the main panel.

Traffic Statistics