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GENI Monitoring How-to

This provides and overview of available GENI Monitoring by doing a walk-trough of the system to answer common user questions. Each sections high-light potential ways to answer the user question

GENI Monitoring Navigation

When you first login to the GENI Monitoring system, you will be presented with the following page:

Image (GENIMonMain.jpg)?

[1] All functions are available from the Main Navigation in the left side of the page. [2] Status information is displayed in the main panel of the page. [3] Hides the Main Navigation on the left side of the page. Most navigation is possible using the main page panel. [4] User ID/Operations. Provides access to 'logout' and 'profile', where you can change your password. [5] Allow search within the area shown in the panel. [6] Allows search across all areas of monitoring.

How do I find a user's slice?

The GENI Monitoring provides slice information in the following ways: