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GENI Monitoring Issue Investigation

This procedure outlines how to check investigate a resource issue reported by an experimenter. It is assumed that the operator following this procedure has a login for the GENI Monitoring web interface. if you do not have an account see the instructions for Getting an Account page.

For an overview of the GENI Monitoring Web interface features see the GENI Monitoring Overview page.

Issue Reported

Assuming a scenario when an experimenter reports not being able to get resources at the Clemson Site. They report that a failure is reported due to lack of bandwidth. This page will cover the features in monitoring that will in determine why the problem is being reported for the Clemson site.

Investigate Site Resource Allocation

Login to the GENI Monitoring web interface and search for "clemson" in the top left "Search" box in the navigation bar. The search returns all information known to monitoring about the Clemson site(s). In the information returned, you will see that Clemson has 3 aggregates:

As you can see from the details. The clemson-ig rack has 134 nodes, 18 links to remote sites and 278 slivers overall. The other sites have little to no resources allocated, so we will focus on the clemson-ig aggregate. From the initial search, we have have results for:

  • Aggregates
  • Nodes
  • Switches
  • Links
  • Interfaces
  • VLANs
  • Slivers
  • Checks

From the above list, the VLANs can give us usage statistics. So will focus on VLANs first:

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