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GENI Monitoring Alerts

The GENI monitoring alerts system is based on the detection of events based on metric data that polled from remote systems. As part of the polling process raw data is both recorded in a database and pushed to a queue. The queue serves as a fanout interface for a one-to-many raw metric subscription service.

In the previous figure P represents our polling agent, which publishes data to a queue exchange represented by X. Clients, designated as C1 and C2, subscribe to exchanges by binding their own queues to exchanges. In the example, data published by P is replicated by X to client queues amq.gen-RQ6.. for client C1 and amq.gen-As8... for client C2.

Alert data is obtained are based on a publish/subscribe queuing system that allows for pattern-based (matching) subscriptions. State transition and utilization will be emitted on this queue.

*Queue images are from RabbitMQ tutorials

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