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Aggregate Status Help

The GENI Monitoring system provides an Aggregates Status feature that reports status for all GENI Aggregates Types. The status page is initially loaded to show 5 low-VM-in-use InstaGENI Stitching aggregates, which are highlighted in blue. This default list is selected to avoid delays in displaying data. You may choose to show other aggregates by selecting from the following options as criteria to show status:

  • Display InstaGENI aggregates
  • Display ExoGENI aggregates
  • Display OpenGENI aggregates
  • Display ProtoGENI aggregates
  • Display only stitching aggregates

Additional is you click on the "More Options" link you can see more options criteria:

  • Display Network-Aggregate aggregates
  • Display Stitcher aggregates
  • Display WiMAX aggregates
  • Display iMinds aggregates
  • Display OpenFlow aggregates

Once you select your options criteria, click on the "Show Status of All Listed Aggregates" button. The Aggregate Status information is shown on the lower portion of the page, you can scroll down to view status details. Status detail report the following:

  • Info tab includes: Aggregate availability, Routable IP Addresses available, and Raw PCs available
  • Three VM server tabs (usually pc1, pc2 and pc3) each capturing: CPU, Memory Used, Swap Free, Max Partition and VM Allocated.

The Status tabs can show data for various ranges: Past 4 hours, Past 24 hours, Past Week, and Past Month.

Special Notes:

  • Each of the graph defaults to showing a shorted range that the one selected, you may used the selection below the status to expand the time range.
  • All times are UTC, as with any monitoring system. Coordinated Universal Time abbreviated to UTC, is the primary time standard for world regulates clocks and time. It closely related successors to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but does not observer daylight savings. To find the current UTC time follow this link.