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1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this document is to outline the procedure needed to congure the GENI Test LTE EPC located at Rutgers Orbit Winlab. The main goal that was accomplished from this procedure was to create a central Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that all GENI sites may connect to using their own base stations (eNBs) and user equipment (UEs) without having to congure individual EPCs.

2.0 System Requirements

2.1 Hardware

The machine chosen to run as the EPC should have at least 4 GB of RAM, 120 GB or more of disk storage, have a 64-bit Intel processor, and also have a 1G Ethernet interface. As an example, at the Winlab Orbit Facility, the system is currently congured on a server with two 160 GB hard drives. Two VLANS are congured, one for the LTE Multipoint and the other for the WiMAX multi- point.

2.2 Software

This EPC uses the Amarisoft LTE 100 software package, specically their EPC solution(Version 2017-06-02). More details about this can be found at The software can run on any 64-bit Linux OS, and has been tested with Fedora versions 17-25 and Ubuntu releases 12.x-16.x. The GENI LTE EPC is congured with an Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS install, running on Linux Kernel 4.4.

3.0 Installation Procedure

Before installation:

  • Make sure the system is up-to-date:
     sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
  • Acquire the tarball of the licensed Amarisoft software package.
  • If a /opt/ directory is not already present, create one

Once these preliminary steps are complete, the following procedure can be fol- lowed to make a clean installation:

  • Unzip the tarball in the /opt/ directory:
     tar -C /opt -xf amarisfot-2017-06-02.tar.gz
  • To automatically install all components of the Amarisoft software, simplyrun the install script:
    cd /opt/amarisoft-2017-06-02
    sudo ./
  • Right below this change, add the following to set the gtp payload mtu:
    gtp_payload_mtu: 1500,
  • Install SCTP tools if they are not present already on the system: sudo apt install lkstcp-tools
  • Next, run the script that sets the NAT forwarding rules. This will enable IP forwarding (where interface-name is the name of the Ethernet interface): sudo ./lte_init interface-name


The GENI LTE EPC runs on the following IP:, ensure that this is set as the static IP for the EPC. Confguration of the Amarisoft LTE software is rather simple, and takes place all in one file, the "mme.cfg" file. First, make a backup of mme.cfg in some convenient location. Then, edit the mme.cfg fille in /opt/ in the following manner:

  • Change GTP address to the current outbound address, which is the IP of the EPC
     gtp_addr: "",

     gtp_addr: "",

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