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    77== 2. Phone Requirements ==
     9 * LTE Enabled
     10 * Capable of Accessing LTE Band 41 (TD 2500), Operating Frequency of 2496-2690 MHz
     12 To determine if your phone meets these criteria, you may use the following tool, which allows you to enter the phone model and see which LTE bands it may access:
     14== 3. SIM Cards ==
     16The phone that is to be used must be supplied with programmable SIM cards. The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) must be recorded in the Rutgers Central EPC Home Subscriber System (HSS). If this step is not met, your phone will never be authorized to operate on GENI LTE. To have your SIM card registered in the Rutgers EPC HSS, there are two options:
     18 * Contact Rutgers Winlab directly and request they ship the SIMs to your site.
     19 * Purchase porgrammable SIM cards (Such as these: and program the IMSI number yourself. Once done, you must send the IMSI numbers to Rutgers Winlab so it is correctly added to the HSS and your phone may access GENI LTE.
     22== 4. Base Station Details ==
     24In order to access GENI LTE, you must have a fully configured Base Station at your site that can speak to the central EPC at Rutgers. The steps to do that shall be outlined below.
     26 1. Acquire a AirSpan Base Station. Here are several in use by GENI LTE sites currently:
     27    a.
     28    b. (Software only, still need a radio peripheral)
     29 2. Modify the default configuration profile in NetSpan in order to correctly set values for the following fields.  This is the minimum set needing to be configured in order to have a working eNB:
     30    a. Network Profile - Modify the PLMN and MME IP to site specific values.
     31    b. Cell Properties - Only important if your site has more than one base station.
     32    c. Radio Profile - Modify the settings for EARFCN and Bandwidth to match FCC spectrum allocation.
     34More detailed specifics of the configuration aspects of Amarisoft Hardware and NetSpan Software may be found at the following wiki: [wiki:GENILTE/LTEDeploymentRutgers GENI LTE Deployment at Rutgers]
     36== 5. Access Point Names ==
     38The UEs APN list must be edited in order to correctly access GENI LTE. Instructions to accomplish this for both Unlocked Android and iPhones are given below.
     40 1. '''Android'''
     41    a. Navigate to Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
     42    b. On the upper-right corner select "New APN"
     43    c. Enter the following fields:
     45      '''Name''' = orbit
     46      '''APN''' = internet
     47      '''MCC''' = 001
     48      '''MNC''' = 01
     49      '''APN Protocol''' = IPv4
     50      '''APN Roaming Protocol''' = IPv4
     51      '''APN Enable / Disable''' = Enable
     52      ''' All other configuration variables should be left at their default values'''
     53 2. '''iPhones'''
     54    a. Navigate to Settings -> Cellular -> APN (iPhone must be unlocked for this option to appear)
     55    b. Enter the same exact data configuration variables as presented above for Android phones.
     57Next, ensure that the newly configured APN is set the '''Enabled''' and that all other APNs are set '''Disabled'''.
     59== 6. Establishing Connection ==
     61Once all SIM cards are programmed and registered, and the APN enabled, the UE at this point ''should'' be able to establish connection to GENI LTE. To test, disable WiFi, enable the correct APN, reboot the phone. If all is well, the network identifier of ''GENI LTE'' will be listed next to the signal strength indicator.