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GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Capabilities Catalog

An effort is underway to define and document a first view of the GENI Instrumentation and Measurements capabilities.

This effort will review each current GENI I&M project, and other selected projects, and list:

Architecture components addressed or implemented
Implementations in GENI, or elsewhere
Uses in GENI, or elsewhere

The purpose is to:

Identify projects that can best contribute to architecture topics
Identify projects that can implement enhanced GENI capabilities in Spiral 2

A first DRAFT (v0.1) has been completed by the GPO, including:

[ overview slides]
[ spreadsheet list]
[ drawings from referenced projects]

The community is invited to review this draft and provide comments, additions or changes to the Inst&Meas WG SE, Harry Mussman, at

This document will be reviewed at the Inst&Meas WG meeting at GEC7.

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