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    11This is a page to keep track of known issues with using the Hardware OpenFlow switches in GENI.
     3= Problems with FV =
     5== Flow Stats with FV 1.0.8 ==
     7If a site is running FV 1.0.8 then there is a bug with the Flow Stats reply that breaks the OF API. The bug is documented here:
     10The manifestation from the controller point of view, might be one of the following:
     11  * controller resets the connection (this has been verified in the trema case)
     12  * controller does not gets the full set of statistics (maybe only gets one Flow)
     14== Strip VLAN action and FV ==
     15Some FV versions do not support the strip VLAN action. Some of them will just ignore it while some of them will just reset the connection to the controller.
     16This has not been studied very rigorously, so we don't have a list of FV versions that have manifested this problem.
     18= Problems with HW OF switches =
     20Many of the OF switches deployed do not support the whole OF 1.0 spec in the hardware path.