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    33'''Aggregate:''' An aggregate is a software server that provides resources to clients based on the GENI aggregate manager API. Through that API an aggregate may advertise resources of different types (computation, storage, network) and accept requests for allocating these resources for a period of time. The aggregate may provide virtual 'sliced' or non-virtual 'whole' resources to customers. An aggregate generates custom private internal network topologies per request, and participates in a process for generating cross-aggregate custom private network topologies known as stitching.
     5'''Opt-in User:'''  A person or organization that makes an explicit choice to participate in a GENI experiment.  For example, a person may opt-in to an experiment by choosing to use a service offered by the experiment.  A campus may opt-in to an experiment by making select campus network traffic available to the experiment.  The experimenter is responsible for informing the opt-in user of any risks associated with participating in the experiment and the user must have to take an explicit action to participate.  It must be easy for an opt-in user to terminate participation in an experiment.
    57'''Project:''' A project organizes research in GENI, containing both people and their experiments. A project is led by a single responsible individual: the project lead. Many GENI experimenters may be members of a given project, and may be members of multiple projects. Experimenters can create slices and perform experiments in the context of a project. A GENI slice belongs to a single project. Project names are public, global and permanent; there can only ever be a single project with a given name, and that name is visible to all registered users.