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GENI / FIRE Collaboration Workshop, September 2015, Session 6: Monitoring

Session chairs

  • Scott Kirkpatrick
  • Jim Griffioen

Session Summary

To be provided by session chairs.


Monitoring Wireless Infrastructure

Discussion leader: Ivan Seskar

Author(s) Title Presentation
Ingrid Moerman Emphasizing 5G Systems Measurement slides
James Miller Measuring Broadband to the Sidewalk slides

Monitoring the Internet as a Whole

Discussion leader: Scott Kirkpatrick

Author(s) Title Presentation
Yan Luo Privacy Preserving Network Measurement slides
Timur Friedman Smart Cities slides
Collin Anderson Internet Misbehavior as Seen from M-Lab slides
Scott Kirkpatrick Crowd-sourced Data Demo slides

Monitoring Testbed Networks, Clouds, Clusters, and Slices

Discussion leader: Jim Griffioen

Author(s) Title Presentation
Mike Zink Power and Temperature Measurement Infrastructure for CloudLab slides
Yahya Al-Hazmi Monitoring Ontologies -- Demo slides
Brecht Vermeulen & Chrysa Papagianni Facility Monitoring for Federations and Measuring Reputation in Testbeds slides
Dana Petcu Monitoring in Multi-clouds slides
Bartek Belter Monitoring of Multi-domain Slices in FELIX slides
Lucas Nussbaum Kwapi Monitor for GRID 5000 slides
Jim Griffioen Monitoring Experiments vs Testbeds slides

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