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GENI / FIRE Collaboration Workshop, September 2015, Session 5: Federation

Session chairs

  • Rob Ricci
  • Brecht Vermeulen

Session Summary

To be provided by session chairs.


Federation Success Stories

Author(s) Title Presentation
Rob Ricci Strategy of Federation + GENI + Cloudlab + emulab slides
Brecht Vermeulen Fed4FIRE slides
Timur Friedman Planetlabs over the World slides


Author(s) Title Presentation
Brecht Vermeulen AM api + Federation api slides
Bartek Belter EU-Japan, NSI (Felix project) slides

Future of Federations

Author(s) Title Presentation
Marshall Brinn (presented by R. Ricci) GENI Policy Work slides
Tom Lehman Prototype of SDX with Policies at WIX slides
Rob Ricci CloudLab Federation slides
Joe Mambretti Chameleon Federation slides
Brecht Vermeulen Fed4FIRE slides
Michael Enrico Vision Geant on External Use and End-to-end Multi-domain Bandwidth-on-demand slides
Jerry Sobieski Geant Testbed as a Service and Federation slides
Mauro Campanella Multi-domain Federation slides

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